Profit Replicator App Scam – Full Review About This System

The Profit Replicator App is something that I’m just discovered today which claims it can make you $7,250 in your very first day. Obviously that’s an extremely bold claim so I’ve decided to take an in-depth look into this system to find out what it’s all about.

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If you’ve come across the Profit Replicator App system too and are wondering whether or not it can really make you money then stick around because I’m going to be revealing everything in this review.

I also want to make it clear before starting this review that I am not an affiliate of this system, so what you’ll be reading here is the honest truth from an outsider. Most of the other reviews are written by affiliates who are saying great things about this system simply because they’re getting paid for every person that they get to sign up. Not here, this is the real deal & I’m going to be telling it as it is.

What exactly is the Profit Replicator App system?

It’s actually a binary options trading system (yes, another one). This particular system claims to be the secret that the online millionaires are using to make all of their money, and claims that it can generate you 4-figure daily profits on complete auto-pilot.

Now I’ve personally reviewed literally hundreds of these so called “automated” binary trading systems & I’ve yet to see a single one of them put anybody into profit, therefore I don’t really have high hopes right from the start for this Profit Replicator App system… Especially not with bold claims like those.

A few things that immediately made me suspicious…

Before I get deep into this review, I just want to highlight a few things that made me immediately suspicious of this system aside from it’s incredibly bold claims.

The first thing was that the Facebook comments on the website are not real Facebook comments. You can’t click on the usernames to verify if they’re real people & if you try to comment, like or share them then you’re just redirected back to the website of the Profit Replicator App.

I decided to use Google’s reverse image search to see if I could find the profile of one of these “testimonials”, and what I found only made me even more suspicious.

Take a look…

Fake Testimonials

The “testimonial” by “Tony Jeffries” is blatantly fake, as it looks like his photo has been simply taken from a stock photo website and used across several other websites under different names.

Choose Pro PlanIf that alone wasn’t enough to make you suspicious, scroll right down the homepage and take a look at the different plans they have to offer. Most people run a mile from free binary options trading systems as they know about their reputation, so this particular system has tried to give itself some credibility by offering a Pro plan… but that’s fake too.

So even at just a brief glance this system is raising quite a few red flags, but regardless I am determined to carry on my review anyway to find out for real whether this system actually works or not.

I therefore proceeded to enter my name & email address to find out what was in-store for me on the other side.

After doing so I was taken to another page and presented with yet another video, which this time was encouraging me to fill in the form and sign up, only now it was also asking for a phone number too.

The interesting thing on this page was that there was a box which was supposedly sharing the live profits from within this system. I decided to watch this for a while and see how the system was performing for others before I proceeded to enter my additional details.

Surprise surprise every trade was marked as a “Win”, but the funny thing was that after sitting on that page for over 30 mins – nothing changed. My thoughts here were that this too was fake, and that those aren’t real results – they have simply been programmed in to fool you into signing up.

Since I had come this far I decided to enter the remainder of my details and get inside to put the system to the test first hand to find out once and for all if it’s bogus or if it actually works.

After entering my details I was taken inside the system but told that I would need to deposit at least $250 with their “recommended” broker Toroption before I could start trading. Whilst I was in the process of making my deposit there was a nice little popup that kept appearing telling me how much the other members were making.. This is something that might make other people rush through the process of depositing, but it made me skeptical so I decided to hold off and do some further research instead.

Put it this way, I’m very glad I did.

Here’s what I discovered…

Profit Replicator App ScamThe Profit Replicator App is without doubt a scam system that’s been designed to simply part you with your hard earned cash.

This system is said to have been created by a guy named Michael Griffin but in reality that’s just not true.

This system has actually been put together by an internet marketer who has no idea, or experience in binary options trading.

Basically this system has been created simply as a ploy to make you think that you’ll be able to profit from your trades in order to get you to deposit. That’s because the marketer behind this system has affiliated himself with several binary options broker companies which means he gets paid a huge commission for each new member he gets to sign up and deposit funds.

Then, once you’ve deposited your funds into this system you’re left to find out that it doesn’t actually work as promised, and that your funds quickly begin to disappear from within your account.

The creator of this system is earning so much money from getting people to deposit that he’s actually paying other people to go out and promote it for him. That’s why there’s so many affiliates giving great reviews about this system, because they’re simply wanting to get you to sign up so that they can get paid their share of the cash too.

The biggest catch…

The reason most people are getting caught out by this system, and other systems like it is because they think that they’ll be able to just “try it out” and then withdraw their funds if it turns out not to work as promised.

Unfortunately that’s not the case, as the binary options brokers these systems are affiliated with do not like offering refunds. In fact out of all the people I’ve seen lose money to systems like this one, I’ve not seen a single one of them be successful in getting any of it back.

So take my advice and stay well away from this system, and anything else to do with binary options trading for that matter. Binary trading is extremely risky, and most people who get involved with it end up losing a whole bunch of cash. With a little bit of research you’ll find much, much better ways of making extra money than messing around with binary options.

And on that note that’s me signing out from this review, I hope you found the information I provided useful and I really hope that I was able to prevent you from losing your hard earned cash to this scam system. Please share this post with your friends so that they themselves don’t fall for it & share your personal experiences with this system by leaving a comment below.

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