Swarm Intelligence System Review – Must Read This First

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, along comes the Swarm Intelligence system. This is a brand new system which claims to be the next generation of trading software, as to whether it really is or not – well, you’ll find that out in just a moment.

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I’m going to be taking a deep look into this “software” to find out and what it’s all about, and most importantly to find out whether or not it actually works.

So if you’ve came across the Swarm Intelligence system and are wondering if you can make money from it then keep reading, because I’m going to be revealing everything about this so called next-gen system right here in this review.

But as always before I start with my review I want to make it clear to you that I am not an affiliate of this system, meaning what you’ll be getting here is the honest truth – not some lies being fed to you by an affiliate who is simply only interested in earning himself a commission like most of the other reviews out there.

What exactly is this Swarm Intelligence system all about?

Swarm Intelligence HomepageSwarm Intelligence is supposedly a high tech system that’s been built to detect trends in the financial markets using a network of super-computers. The website claims that it’s been developed by 2 people, 1 being a researcher named Dr Steven Frances & the other being a computer programmer named Tom.

The truth is that all that’s nothing but a load of nonsense – this system is nothing other than a glorified binary options trading system, which is¬†nothing new at all. In fact I’ve reviewed literally hundreds of these types of systems and I’ve not yet seen a single one of them put anybody into profit. Take it from me, they are bad news.

Admittedly, Swarm Intelligence has took a new approach in an effort to try and convince you that “this time it really works”, but under the surface it’s no different to any of the other systems that we’ve seen before it.

They’ve tried to use reference material from reputable websites on the homepage to try and make it seem plausible and genuine, but let me tell you that this reference material (such as the article from Wikipedia) does not relate to this actual system itself. On those websites they’re simply talking about Swarm Intelligence itself, which is something that already existed prior to this system, and is just something that this system has played itself on to try and steal that credibility.

Is Swarm Intelligence any different?

The simple answer to that is no, it isn’t. I did plenty of groundwork on this system prior to putting together this review & discovered that this system is just as big a scam as all those others that have came before it.

Scam AlertSwarm Intelligence is not a system that is going to make you money, the only thing it’s going to do is help you lose it.

So my advice to you would be to stay away from it, and to stay away from binary options trading altogether for that matter.

You see here’s how the Swarm Intelligence system really works…

As we talked about at the start of this post, this system is said to have been created by 2 guys named Steven and Tom. Well first off, that’s a lie.

This system has actually been put together by an internet marketer, with the sole intention of parting you with your hard earned cash.

Albeit sneaky, the internet marketer behind this system has got his head well & truly screwed on.

What he’s done is he’s gone & got himself affiliated with a binary options broker company, which means they’ll pay him a big fat commission when he gets new member to sign up with them and deposit funds.

The problem is that since most people know that binary options trading is very, very risky – they are very, very reluctant to deposit… Which isn’t good news for the marketer because it means he isn’t earning any of those big fat commissions that he so desperately wants his hands on.

However, since he’s got his head well & truly screwed on he decided to come up with the ploy of creating a fake system in order to convince people that they’ll be able to profit from their trades. As long they’re convinced their going to be able to profit, the chances are they’re going to make a deposit.

Which ultimately means the marketer is going to earn his big fat commission payout.

So that’s it – the bottom line is that this system is nothing more than a ploy in order to get you to deposit funds with the “recommended” broker.

And here’s how it might catch you out…

The reason so many people get out by these binary scams is because they think that they can just try out the system, without risking all of their funds… but this isn’t true.

You see the brokers these guys work with don’t like offering refunds, and they generally have a minimum deposit requirement of at least $250.

So if you deposit $250 and only trade with say $30, you might expect to be able to get your $220 and cut your losses…

Well, good luck with that – because out of all the people I’ve seen lose money to these systems, I’ve not heard of even a single one of them managing to get it back.

So my advice would be to completely avoid it – do not even think that you can “try it out”, otherwise you’ll end up getting caught out.

And on that note that’s me signing out from this review – I hope you enjoyed reading it, and most importantly I hope I was able to help you from parting with your hard earned cash. Be sure to share the review to help protect others from falling for this scam & leave your comments below to share your personal experiences.

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