WikiTrader Review – The TRUTH About This Scam

Hello & welcome to my review of the brand new WikiTrader system. This is something that’s just recently launched & claims that it can easily generate it’s members incomes of over $8600 per month on complete auto-pilot.

WikiTrader System Logo

Obviously those are some pretty bold claims which is why I’ve took the time out to take a deep look into it & find out what it’s all about it.

So if you’ve come across the WikiTrader system and are looking to find out whether or not it actually works then stick around because I’m going to be revealing everything in this review.

And as always with my reviews you can put your trust in the fact that I am not affiliated with this system, meaning what you’ll be getting here is the honest truth (unlike most of the other reviews out there who are paid to say just the good things).

So without further ado let’s dive deep into this review and see what this system is all about.

What is the WikiTrader system?

At a glance it’s easy to see that this is a binary options trading system, which immediately makes me very skeptical indeed. That’s because I’ve seen literally hundreds of these so called “automated” binary systems launch and I’ve yet to see a single one put anybody into profit.

More often than not, the people who get involved with these binary systems end up losing a whole bunch of money. At the best of times binary trading is extremely risky, and these systems usually seem to make it even riskier.

However for now I’m going to give this system the benefit of the doubt as the website has more of a professional feel to it so maybe, just maybe, there may be some hope for this one (but I’m not going to be holding my breath).

One common trend these binary systems have though is that they always have some sort of “hook” that will keep you watching the video. Usually it’s a free gift that’s promised to be given out at the end or a special “secret” that’s going to be revealed… In this case, it seems it’s simply a case of cleavage…

WikiTrader Video Actress

The picture might not do it justice, but if you’ve watched the video you’ll know what I mean… and it’s pretty darn obvious that that’s the intent.

And whilst I don’t usually recommend entering your email address into these binary system websites… You may want too just this once when you find out that this is what’s waiting for you at the other side…

WikiTrader Video Actress By The Pool

Okay I’m just kidding – don’t really enter your email address (because you certainly will get spammed to death).

But getting back serious here, what I’m trying to highlight in that this system is blatantly trying to use this woman in an effort to seduce you in.

Hardly a professional tactic is it? So it just makes me even more suspicious about this system right from the off.

Heck if a system could make people $8600 a month, on complete auto-pilot, for free, why on earth would we need to put together a promo video in the first place? Word of mouth would blow that thing up like wild fire.

So my suspicious is that there’s ulterior motive in this, and that the people behind this system are going to be making money from you somehow.

Which is what we’re going to look into in just a moment.

So how does this system work?

WikiTrader is a system that’s supposedly been founded by a guy named Reed Wallace, and Reed claims that the system is built on Artificial Intelligence which detects trends in the stock market & places profitable binary trades for you, on complete auto-pilot.

He goes on to mention that because it’s ran completely by Artificial Intelligence, the users of the system don’t need to have any previous trading experience or knowledge whatsoever.

It certainly sounds good, and I’ll admit too that it does sound quite plausible… but unfortunately, it’s not true.

You see I decided to go out and do some groundwork, and I managed to discover how this system really works (or should I say, how it doesn’t work).

Let me explain…

Here’s how the WikiTrader system really works…

Stern Binary OptionsDespite what the website tells you, the WikiTrader system hasn’t been put together by an “expert trader” named Reed Wallace. It’s actually been put together by an internet marketer who’s simply out to part you with your hard earned cash (and chances are he doesn’t actually know a thing about trading either).

You see here’s the deal..

The internet behind this system has affiliated himself with a binary options broker company (Stern binary options to be precise), and what that means is that he gets paid a commission each time he gets somebody new to sign up with them and they make a deposit.

Now as we talked about at the start of this review, binary options trading is generally very risky – so most people avoid it like the plague. This isn’t good news for the marketer behind this system because it means he’ll have a hard time getting people to sign up with the broker, ultimately meaning he won’t be earning himself any commissions.

But because he’s clever (or sneaky… you decide), he’s come up with the idea of putting together this WikiTrader system.. Which is nothing but a ploy to make people think that they’ll be able to make profitable trades, thus making them more likely to sign up with his recommended broker… Stern binary options.

The truth is that once you make your deposit you’ll quickly realise that this software doesn’t actually work anywhere near as promised, as you watch your money start to disappear from within your account. There is no “Artificial Intelligence” behind this system – it’s a fake – it’ll just make completely random trades and claim that it misread the signals… But this is no good to you because by this point you’ll have lost all your money.

But here’s the biggest way they catch people out…

The biggest way this system catches out is by making people think that they could just “try it out”, and that if it doesn’t work they can just withdraw their funds and there’s no real harm done.

But that’s not quite how it works.

You see the binary options brokers these marketers work with don’t like to offer refunds – so basically once your cash is in, it’s in… and usually there’s a minimum deposit of at least $250.

So if you do feel like “trying” one of these systems out despite reading what I’ve had to say, be ready to lose ALL of the money that you deposit, and not just the money that you trade with.

Hopefully though you’re smarter than that and you take my advice to avoid it. Binary options trading is all round bad news – at the end of the day you’d probably have more chance making money by standing at a roulette table, and that’s saying something.

So take my advice and stay well away.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review, and most importantly I hope it helped you from parting with your hard earned cash.

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